Meet Director Stuff

USMS Sanctioned, Recognized and Dual Sanction Events

For an explanation of USMS Sanctioned, Recognized & Dual Sanction Events, who may participate, sanction requirements, cost, etc. please click HERE. Also, USMS events require Participant Waiver & Release forms. For and an explanation of Reguirements, click HERE. For the Waiver Form, click HERE

Gulde to Operations: Meet Management

For a complete and up-to-date list of rules, forms and procedures including a tutorial for Event Directors, click here.  For the Gulf LMSC Meet Director's Report, click here. 

Open Water Events

USMS Open Water Event Sanction Online Application — Required to apply for an open water sanction or to get an event on the calendar.  
Open Water Sanction Guidelines  
Open Water Safety Guidelines