2017 Gulf Swim University Challenge

2017 Gulf Swim University Challenge

Regardless of how fast or how well you swim, registration for the 2017 Class of Gulf Swim University is now open.  Challenge yourself to swim as often and as far as you choose to earn your degree and official Graduation T-Shirt for the 2017 January-April semester.  It is all up to you and your skills. 



Here are your options for graduation:

  •                Swim 20 miles during the semester (5 miles/month or 2,200 yards/week) – Associates Degree
  •                Swim 40 miles during the semester (10 miles/month or 4,400 yards/week) – Bachelors Degree
  •                Swim 80 miles during the semester (20 miles/month or 8,800 yards/week) – Double Major Degree
  •                Swim 120 miles during the semester (30 miles/month or 13,200 yards/week) – Masters Degree
  •                Swim 160 miles during the semester (40 miles/month or 17,580 yards/week) – PhD Degree


Here are the steps to register for this spring semester swim challenge:

1)Become a 2017 USMS Gulf Registered Swimmer.

2)Let the Dean of Gulf Swimmers (beek1@sbcglobal.net) know the following:

a.Your name

b.Your team or affiliation – Unattached is acceptable

c.Your shirt size (unisex)


3)Go to USMS and set up a USMS log if you do not have one (See below)

i.Go to the USMS main website (www.usms.org)

ii.Go to  the “Learn-to-Swim & Fitness”  tab at the top of the page

iii.Click on “Fitness Logs”

iv.Follow instructions to set up your Fitness Log - ”FLOG”

v.Enter the “Go The Distance 2017” Event in your FLOG


4)Begin logging your swim yardage in your FLOG so we can see your progress toward your degree of choice.  That is the only way for the Gulf Swim University to evaluate your progress towards your degree.


“Study Buddies” can help each member of a group to do more than they can achieve on their own.  Get a friend or lane-mate to join you in your quest for your goal.  Get your whole team involved to get your year off to a terrific start.  We hope to see your name on graduation day!  Go for it!


Keep smiling, and I look forward to hearing from you,

Bruce Rollins
Dean of Swimmers
Gulf Swim University