For Triathletes

Nearly 20 percent of USMS members identify themselves as triathletes or as having an interest in triathlon. Many have joined USMS seeking assistance from Masters coaches and teams in an effort to improve their swimming technique and endurance. USMS is ready to help and provides these resources to triathletes:

  • Places to Swim: More than 1,000 clubs and chapters, many offering workouts catered to triathletes. Training with swimmers in a coached swim workout is the best way to improve the swim leg of your triathlon.
  • Online Workouts: for athletes who train on their own. Written specifically for triathletes by professional triathlete, national team trainer and USMS member Sara McLarty.
  • A full Calendar of Events, so you can find the pool and open water competitions you need to test yourself during the off-season or keep your edge during the season.
  • Fitness Logs: where you can keep track of your mileage in all three disciplines: swimming, biking and running, for a complete record of your training.
  • USMS Triathletes Page

But don't take our word for it; listen to Olympic triathlete and USMS member Jarrod Shoemaker: