Early Entry $50 Deadline on July 8th.
Regular entry $55 deadline Noon on July 15th.
Late entry deadline $65 Noon on July 26th

Texas A&M University Presents the South Central LC Zones Champs.
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Image Below is the OFFICIAL meet logo! Fine Designs will be ON DECK creating custom apparel to your specifications. Look for them next to Awards.

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USMS Members can use the FLOGS to track their swimming and other fitness activities.....

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Master Freestyle: the fundamentals will set you free

Over the last few decades a lot of changes have been made to the way we approach swimming and coaching the freestyle stroke.

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Fit·ness (n.) 1. The state or condition of being fit.

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Nearly 20 percent of USMS members identify themselves as triathletes or as having an interest in triathlon.


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