For Fitness, For Competition, For Life!

That, in a nutshell, is the purpose of Masters Swimming.

Catering to all levels of adult swimming ability, the nationwide organization known as United States Masters Swimming provides its members with local opportunities for swimming, for fun, and for discovery of new friends, new techniques, new drills, new thrills, like open-water or river swimming, or just the simple pleasure of swimming laps.

If you are eager to embark on your first triathlon and swimming is the only thing holding you back, you'll very likely find a Masters Swimmer who's been there and done that. Or, just as likely, you will find someone who's working towards a similar goal that you are right now.

If you were a high school or college athlete who dropped out of the sport because life got too busy, or swimming got too boring, Masters Swimming has a lane with your name on it, and other like-minded swimmers eager to share that lane with you.

If you'd just like to swim with a group (swimming alone can be terribly monotonous), there's a place for you in Masters Swimming as well. You don't need to be a former school athlete, meet-driven, or even mildly competitive. All you need is a swimsuit or swim trunks, goggles, maybe a swim cap and a little curiosity about Masters Swimming.*

There's more to swimming than meets the eye, and Masters Swimming may just be the eye-opener you were looking for! Click on Clubs to find a group close to you. Most clubs offer complimentary trial swims to give you time to decide. And, if you'd like to talk with a Masters Swimmer before you take the plunge, any person listed under Clubs would be only too happy to tell you what Masters Swimming is all about.

*Please note: Masters Swimming is not a "Learn-to-Swim" program, but if you have never had any formal lessons and cannot swim a lap, we can get you in touch with instructors who will help you get more comfortable and better equipped to join a Masters Swimming practice.