2017 Club Registration Due Nov 1st

2017 Club Registration Due Nov 1st

2016 Annual Meeting Announcement

The Gulf Local Masters Swim Committee (Gulf LMSC for short) will be having its Annual Meeting on Thursday, November 17th at the Dads Club meeting room at 7:00PM. The address for Dads Club is 1006 Voss Rd, Houston, TX 77055, and the map link is https://goo.gl/maps/AfGdwmuYmN52.

Each Team and Workout Group is entitled to be represented with voting members at this Annual Meeting.  Teams with up to 49 members are entitled to one voting representative, 50 to 99 members are entitled to have two voting representatives, and teams with 100+ members are entitled to three representatives.  All USMS members are welcome to attend and give us feedback on what we could do better or continue to do to make this one of the TOP LMSCs in the South Central Zone.

At the meeting, we are going ask for feedback concerning planning for the up-coming year.  We will be voting on next year’s officers.  Please contact Kris Wingenroth at kwingenroth@hotmail.com is you wish to run for a position.  We will be approving a budget.  We will also go over old and new business in our 90 minute meeting.  We really want to hear from your teams, so please send someone to represent you.  Thank you in advance.

Here is our current slate of officers:

  • President: Bruce Rollins
  • Vice-President: Kris Wingenroth
  • Treasurer: Mark Hahn
  • Secretary: Kevin Lunsford
  • Registrar: Bruce Williams

Standing Committees: Chairs appointed by President:

  • Tabulations/Top Ten Recorder:Emmett Hines
  • Sanctions Chair: Kris Wingenroth
  • Officials Chair: Herb Schwab
  • Coaches Chair: Steve White
  • Communications/Webmaster: Karlene Denby and Nicole Christensen Rembach

This group has been serving our Gulf LMSC for collectively over 110 years of leadership service to United States Masters Swimming.

We are looking for leaders at the local clubs who are willing to help our Gulf  LMSC as the next generation of leaders or contributors as we continue to serve our members.  If you do not know what these jobs entail, come to your Annual Meeting and check us out.  We would love to see you there.

A Message from the Gulf Chairman

Whether you know me or not…I could use your help as Chairperson of the Gulf LMSC.

South Central LC Zones Champs at Texas A&M

Thanks for Coming ~ We hope all 246 competitors from 40 teams and 13 LMSCs had a GREAT time!

Fitness Swimming

Fit·ness (n.) 1. The state or condition of being fit.

For Triathletes

Nearly 20 percent of USMS members identify themselves as triathletes or as having an interest in triathlon.